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  • 1. You must answer all questions and complete all sections of this application. Please put N/A in sections that are not applicable.
    2. Coastal Express Car Wash is an equal employment opportunity employer.
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  • A job at Coastal Express Car Wash involves work that is:
    1. Demanding in all types of weather conditions
    2. Flexible in Hours
    3. Routine & Professional the Coastal Express Car Wash way…
    4. Challenging in providing excellent customer service to everyone.

    As an employee of Coastal Express Car Wash what is expected of you:

    1. A personal appearance and image that is neat, clean, and meets uniform standards.
    2. A pleasant manner (smiling & polite) in providing great service for our customers.
    3. A sense of urgency in completing daily tasks with safety a top priority
    4. A willingness to meet the demands and requirements of the job.